A ballad in C minor from the 1959 recording Blowin’ the Blues Away. It is not what you would normally recognize as a typical Silver composition. The form is also unusual in that it is 10 bars long.

Listen to ‘Peace’ on YouTube:

Peace Original Recording:

Song Peace by Horace Silver on Blowin' the Blues Away at Amazon  Blowin’ the Blues Away

Peace Transcriptions:

Peace Arrangements:

Horace Silver - The Art of Small Jazz Combo Playing

Peace Play Alongs:

Horace Silver: Jazz Play-Along Volume 36Horace Silver: Jazz Play-Along Volume 36

Peace Fake Books:

The Real Easy Book - Volume 2 (C version)  The Real Jazz Fake Book - C Edition The Real Book - Volume II (C Instruments) Pocket Changes Volume 1 

Peace Other Resources

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