Blue Seven

Saxophone_Colossus_-_Sonny_RollinsA Blues in Bb  from Saxophone Colossus , recorded 1956.

Finally, “Blue 7” is a blues, over eleven minutes long. Its main, rather disjunct melody was spontaneously composed. The performance is among Rollins’ most acclaimed, and is the subject of an article by Gunther Schuller entitled “Sonny Rollins and the Challenge of Thematic Improvisation”. Schuller praises Rollins on “Blue 7” for the use of motivic development exploring and developing melodic themes throughout his three solos, so that the piece is unified, rather than being composed of unrelated ideas. Rollins also improvises using ideas and variations from the melody, which is based on the tritone interval, and strongly suggests bitonality (the melody by itself is harmonically ambiguous, simultaneously suggesting the keys of Bb and E). Also notable is Max Roach‘s solo, which uses a triplet rhythm figure later imitated by Rollins, again helping to give the piece a coherent feel.

(from Saxophone Colossus Wikipedia Article)

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Song Blue 7 by Sonny Rollins on The Complete Prestige Recordings at Amazon        Song Blue 7 by Sonny Rollins on Saxophone Colossus at Amazon

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