Beautiful Love

Wayne King

Wayne King

Beautiful Love is a popular song (1931) composed by Wayne King, Victor Young and Egbert Van Alstyne with lyrics by Haven Gillespie. It has become a jazz standard. While originally recorded as a waltz it is typically played in 4/4.

Beautiful Love Original Recording:

The song was introduced by the Wayne King Orchestra. I am unsure if there is an available recording – please let me know if you know of one.

Beautiful Love Lyrics:

Beautiful love, you are a mystery.
Beautiful love, what have you done to me?
I was contented till you came along,
thrilling my soul with your song

Beautiful love, I’ve roamed your paradise.
Searching for love, my dream to realize
Reaching for heaven, depending on you.
Beautiful love, will my dreams come true?

Beautiful Love Transcriptions:

Beautiful Love Play Alongs:

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